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Sandalwood - Air Freshener

Sandalwood - Air Freshener

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Scientific research indicates the smell of Sandalwood can be effective in easing anxiety symptoms and calming your mind and body.  We created our Sandalwood Air Freshener with a rich, woody, earthly scent to help relaxation and calmness.  It smells absolutely wonderful and will make any vehicle or room smell amazing. 

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👃🏻 Features

• 16oz Spray bottle
• Long lasting scent
• A little goes a long way
• Use in your vehicle, home or office

❔ How to use it


Spray on carpets, floor mats, cloth upholstery, under seats or anywhere you want to enjoy a fresh scent!

Spray on carpets, rugs or mist into the air and enjoy. Use in bathrooms, closets, common areas and anywhere that you want to freshen up with an amazing smell.

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