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Rubbish Reset - Rubber, Vinyl and Plastic Protectant

Rubbish Reset - Rubber, Vinyl and Plastic Protectant

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Rubbish Reset is meticulously formulated to breathe new life into faded rubber, vinyl, and plastic, acting as a potent conditioner to prevent cracking, drying, and other signs of wear. Ideal for a myriad of applications, our product is your go-to solution for treating dash panels, exterior trim, tires and more, ensuring your vehicle maintains its pristine condition. Our innovative protectant not only restores a deep black appearance and enhances shine but also offers unparalleled protection against the damaging effects of UV solar rays.

Why it's Awesome

Our advanced formula is engineered to shield your surfaces from harmful UV rays while repelling dust, dirt, water, and other detrimental elements. The result? Easier cleaning, preserved appearance, and extended lifespan for your treated surfaces. Whether you're dealing with interior or exterior surfaces, engine bays, or truck bed covers, Rubbish Reset is versatile enough to handle it all, helping your vehicle retain its youthful allure.

Rubbish Reset stands out with its unique purple cream consistency, designed for effortless application and a non-greasy finish. The cutting-edge silica-infused formula ensures durability and a lasting protective barrier, offering a rich, crisp, and satin sheen that surpasses the original look. By addressing the early signs of aging in vinyl, rubber, and trim components, Rubbish Reset not only enhances appearance but also contributes to the overall value and longevity of your vehicle.

Embrace the sharp, detailed finish provided by Rubbish Reset and restore the vibrant color to your vehicle's vinyl, rubber, and trim components. With our silica-infused, easy-to-apply cream formula, you can achieve professional-grade results and protect your vehicle from the elements. Choose Rubbish Reset for a superior protectant that delivers long-lasting beauty and defense for all your rubber, vinyl, and plastic surfaces.


• 16oz Dispenser bottle
• Easy application
• Restores original look
• Shields against UV rays
• Instant conditioning & protection
• Repels dirt, water and other elements
• Use on tires, trim, moldings, rubber, vinyl and plastic

How to use it

• Clean surface thoroughly before using Rubbish Reset
• Allow 30 minutes for additional layering if desired


1. Apply 4-6 drops directly to an applicator pad
2. Spread over the entire work area then rub deep into the surface
3. Use a microfiber towel and buff away any excess residue

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