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ReFresh - Odor Neutralizer

ReFresh - Odor Neutralizer

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Say goodbye to unpleasant odors in your cycling gear with ReFresh, a definitive odor eliminator designed to breathe new life into your bicycle apparel and accessories. This versatile and highly effective spray is your go-to solution for keeping your clothing, bags, gloves, shoes, helmets, and more smelling fresh and inviting, no matter the intensity of your last ride.320

Why it's Awesome

Engineered with a powerful yet safe formula, ReFresh not only masks unwanted smells but goes to the root of the problem to neutralize odors at their source. Whether it's the result of sweat, moisture, or the outdoor elements, ReFresh leaves your gear with a pleasant, long-lasting freshness that's ready for your next cycling adventure.

Key Features of ReFresh:

• Powerful Odor Elimination: Targets and neutralizes odors at the source, ensuring your gear remains fresh.

• Versatile Use: Ideal for a wide range of cycling gear, including clothing, bags, gloves, shoes, and the inside of

• Pleasant Fragrance: Leaves behind a subtle, refreshing scent that enhances the cleanliness of your gear without overpowering.

• Safe for All Gear: Carefully formulated to be safe on all fabrics and materials, preserving the integrity of your equipment.

• Easy to Use: Simply spray directly onto the affected area; no need to rinse or dry, making it convenient for regular use.

ReFresh is not just an odor eliminator; it's an essential part of your cycling routine, ensuring that your gear is always inviting and ready for action. Its compact size makes it easy to store in your cycling bag, locker, or car, allowing for a quick refresh anytime, anywhere.

Ideal for cyclists who demand the best for their gear, ReFresh offers a quick and effective way to maintain the freshness of your equipment. Whether you're a daily commuter, a weekend warrior, or a competitive racer, ReFresh keeps your gear smelling as good as new, so you can focus on the ride ahead with confidence.

Embrace the power of ReFresh and make unpleasant odors a thing of the past. It's the smart, simple, and effective way to keep your cycling gear and kits in prime condition, ensuring that every ride starts on a fresh note.


• 16oz Spray bottle
• Specifically designed for cycling gear
• Deodorizes and disinfects
• Keep your gear smelling great
• Super effective odor fighting formula

How to use it


1. Spray ReFresh directly on the garment, item or area to be treated

2. Dampen but do not saturate

3. Allow ReFresh to completely dry before use

4. Reapply as necessary

* If washing clothing, you do not have to wait for items to be dry

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