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No Germ - Disinfectant Cleaner Spray

No Germ - Disinfectant Cleaner Spray

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No Germ is the ultimate disinfectant cleaner spray designed specifically for your vehicle, ensuring a germ-free environment while leaving a refreshing scent behind. Our powerful formula is engineered to eliminate 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses, including those responsible for the flu and common cold, providing you with peace of mind and a healthier space.

Why it's Awesome

No Germ stands out with its added essential oils, transforming the mundane task of cleaning into a sensory experience. These natural oils not only contribute to the elimination of odors but also infuse your vehicle with a pleasant aroma, enhancing the overall ambiance.

The convenience of No Germ is unmatched. Ready to use straight from the bottle, it requires no dilution or mixing, saving you time and effort. The application is as simple as spraying the desired surface, allowing it to dwell for a few minutes to effectively kill the germs, and then wiping it off to reveal a clean, disinfected surface.

Formulated for use on a wide array of non-porous surfaces within your vehicle, No Germ is versatile and efficient. Whether you're targeting the dashboard, steering wheel, seats, or door handles, our disinfectant cleaner spray is your go-to solution for ensuring these critical touchpoints are sanitized and safe.

While No Germ is incredibly effective, it is advised not to use it on porous surfaces to ensure the integrity of your vehicle's interior. Its efficacy in killing 99.9% of harmful pathogens makes it an essential product for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment, protecting you and your passengers from the spread of illnesses.


• 16oz Spray bottle
• Kills 99% of gems & bacteria
• Effectively cleans, deodorizes & disinfects
• Fast acting antibacterial action
• No harsh chemicals used
• Safe for all surfaces

How to use it


To Clean:
Spray directly onto the surface or onto a microfiber towel then wipe clean.

To Disinfect:
Spray directly onto the surface until thoroughly wet. Let stand for 2-3 minutes. Spray another layer of No Germ onto surface then wipe clean.

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