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MOFO Sudz - Super Foam Shampoo

MOFO Sudz - Super Foam Shampoo

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Mofo Sudz Super Foam Shampoo is engineered to cut through the most stubborn grime, including dead bugs, brake dust, dirt, mud, and even the remnants of road encounters. Its powerful cleaning agents are specifically formulated to cling to and break down filth, making it easy for you to rinse away all traces of buildup and contamination. Mofo Sudz is safe on your vehicle's protective layers, so it won't compromise ceramic coatings, wax, or sealants, maintaining the integrity and longevity of your vehicle's protection. Click here to learn more about our MOFO Series.

Best used with our Foam Cannon & Pressure Washer Gun

🧼 Features

• Two Sizes: 32oz & 1 gallon options
• Ultra foamy
• Insane lubrication
• Highly concentrated
• Maximum cleaning ability
• Ultimate cleaning shampoo

❔ How to use it

Always pre-rinse vehicle with a power washer to remove loose dirt and build up.


1. Fill foam cannon with water

2. Add 2-4oz of Mofo Sudz

3. Foam vehicle

4. Wash thoroughly

5. Rinse

• For more foam, use more Mofo Sudz!

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