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MOFO Bug - Foaming Bug Remover

MOFO Bug - Foaming Bug Remover

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🔥 Why it's Awesome

Bye-Bye Bugs

Our strong bug remover is safe for all surfaces and can used as a pre-soak before washing your vehicle. Spray this on your front bumper or anywhere else you have dead bugs and let it soak for a few minutes. Wipe with a clean microfiber towel or spray with a powerful stream of water.

Safe to use on paint, wraps, PPF, plastic, and glass.

TIP:  We like to use MOFO Bug as a pre-soak prior to washing the vehicle with a foam cannon for a thorough wash!

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✔️ Features

💠 16oz Spray bottle
💠 Safe for all surfaces
💠 Foaming formula
💠 Clings to dead bugs & grime
💠 Breaks down and dissolves bug contaminants
💠 Spray on, let soak, wipe off
💠 Perfect pre-soak before washing

❔ How to use it

💬 If available, spray the surface with a power washer or powerful stream of water to remove any loose particle for a much easier cleaning process.

1. Spray liberal amount onto surface to be cleaned
2. Let soak for 1-2 minutes
3. Wipe up mess
4. Use a clean microfiber towel to buff dry
5. Repeat if necessary

⭐ If area is extremely saturated or bugs have been dried on for a long time, you may have to let MOFO Bug sit longer or repeat the cleaning process.

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