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Mixing Bottle - Dilution Made Easy

Mixing Bottle - Dilution Made Easy

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Mixing bottles are an essential tool designed to simplify your chemical handling and mixing processes. Whether you're diluting concentrated chemicals from larger containers or creating your own unique blends, our 16oz and 32oz Mixing Bottles are engineered to meet your needs. Complete with a durable sprayer head, this bottle is perfect for a wide range of applications, ensuring precise and efficient dispensing every time.

🧼 Features

• Comes with empty bottle & sprayer head
• Clear label to see content color and level
• Easy to write on label
• Label has warnings & first aid information printed on it like all of our products

❔ How to use it

• Create your own mixture of products
• Pour from a larger jug for easy use

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE to ensure products are mixed before spraying

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