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Mixing Bottle - 16oz

Mixing Bottle - 16oz

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🔥 Why it's Awesome

If you dilute chemicals from a large jug or mix your own special concoction, you'll need some empty bottles.  Our 16oz mixing bottle comes complete with a sprayer head and our matte clear label allows you to easily write on it with a sharpie or pen so you know what's in the bottle.

✔️ Features

💠 16oz Empty spray bottle
💠 Comes with sprayer head
💠 Clear label to see contents
💠 Matte Label made to write on
💠 Label has Warnings and First Aid information printed on it like all of our Tuff Shyt products.

❔ How to use it

- Use products from larger jugs
- Create your own mixture of products
- Pour from a larger jug for easy use

🔔 SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE to ensure products are mixed before spraying.

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