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MILK - Rubber, Vinyl, Plastic Dressing

MILK - Rubber, Vinyl, Plastic Dressing

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Milk is an innovative multi-surface solution crafted to revitalize and enhance the appearance of rubber, plastic, and vinyl, combating the effects of discoloration, cracking, and fading. Milk's advanced formula not only conditions these materials but also leaves them with a sleek, smooth finish that transforms the look and feel of your vehicle. Easy to apply, simply spray Milk directly onto the desired surfaces or use a microfiber towel to wipe it on for outstanding results. Whether you're treating the interior dashboards and door panels or the exterior bumpers and tires, Milk is your go-to product for a comprehensive renewal and shine, ensuring your vehicle looks and feels impeccably maintained inside and out.

Why it's Awesome

Milk is a versatile Interior/Exterior Dressing & Conditioner designed to rejuvenate and protect a wide array of surfaces on your vehicle. Milk is an innovative multi-surface renewal solution that not only revitalizes but also enhances the appearance of your car's interior and exterior. Its advanced formula is expertly crafted to combat discoloration, cracking, and fading, ensuring your vehicle maintains its aesthetic appeal and longevity.

Milk stands out as a superior dressing and conditioner, particularly effective on rubber, plastic, and vinyl. It leaves these surfaces with a sleek, smooth finish, devoid of any greasy residue. The ease of application is unmatched; simply spray Milk directly onto the surface or apply it with a microfiber towel to achieve remarkable results that will exceed your expectations.

Milk is an effective solution for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Whether it's floor mats, bumpers, weather stripping, engine bays, tires, door panels, dashboards, or any other surface, Milk delivers consistent, top-quality results.

By choosing Milk, you're not just cleaning and conditioning your vehicle; you're investing in an advanced solution that renews and shines while offering vital protection against common issues like discoloration, cracking, and fading. Experience the difference with Milk, the ultimate dressing and conditioner that ensures your vehicle looks and feels impeccably maintained, inside and out.


• Two sizes: 16oz Spray bottle and 1 gallon refill jug
• Easy application
• Restores shine
• Shields against UV rays
• Instant conditioning & protection
• Reduces fading & cracking
• Use on tires, trim, moldings, rubber, vinyl and plastic

How to use it

Clean surface thoroughly before using Milk


1. Spray directly onto the surface or onto an applicator pad
2. Let dwell for 30-60 seconds
3. Wipe up excess using a clean microfiber towel
4. Repeat if necessary
5. Allow 30 minutes for additional layering if desired

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