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HEX+ Pad - Medium/Heavy Cutting Pad

HEX+ Pad - Medium/Heavy Cutting Pad

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Our Medium/Heavy Cutting Pad is an essential pad to have in your paint correction arsenal. Available in two sizes, 3" and 6", this pad is our recommended starting point for revitalizing your vehicle's paint. Designed to tackle moderate scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, and other surface imperfections, this HEX+ Pad prepares your paint for a transformation, setting the stage for a flawless finish. Once you've removed the moderate imperfections, we recommend transitioning to a finer pad for that ultimate polish and mirror-like shine.

Pair this pad with our Extreme Polish or Perfect Polish for best results

Why it's Awesome

Our HEX+ Medium/Heavy Cutting Pad is equipped with a strong, breathable hook & loop backing, our pads are designed for easy attachment to all standard machines, ensuring a hassle-free pad swap or replacement. This feature allows for flexibility and ease of use across different projects and tools.

Special attention is given to the design of our 6" HEX+ Pads, which include a center vent hole to release heat and minimize stress on the pad. This innovative feature is particularly beneficial for larger pads, as it helps manage heat buildup, extending the life of the pad and maintaining its performance throughout your paint correction process. Choose the HEX+ Pad - Medium/Heavy Cutting Pad for a reliable, effective solution in your journey to perfect paint.


• Available in 3" and 6" sizes
• Heat reduction design
• Spreads product evenly
• Maximum surface contact
• Removes moderate paint defects
• Removes scratches, swirls, oxidation and water spots

3 inch Mini Hex+ Pad
• Back side diameter: 3"
• Face diameter: 3.25"

6 inch Hex+ Pad
• Back side diameter: 6"
• Face diameter: 6.5"

How to use it

1. Center pad onto backing plate of your machine
2. Apply compound or polish as directed by product
3. Spray our Polishing Pad Primer onto pad as directed
4. Work product into the surface of the vehicle
5. Clean thoroughly after each use and let air dry

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