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HEX+ Pad - Light/Medium Polishing Pad

HEX+ Pad - Light/Medium Polishing Pad

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HEX+ Light/Medium Polishing Pad is where you'll start to achieving a flawless finish on your vehicle's paint. Available in two sizes, 3" and 6", this pad is specifically designed to bring out the glossy, deep shine of your painted surfaces, following the removal of imperfections with our cutting pads. It's the perfect pad for enhancing clarity and adding that lustrous, show-car quality finish to your paint.

Pair this pad with our Perfect Polish or Final Polish for best results

🧼 Features

• Available in 3" and 6" sizes
• Restore glossy shine
• Heat reduction design
• Spreads product evenly
• Maximum surface contact

3 inch Mini Hex+ Pad
• Back side diameter: 3"
• Face diameter: 3.25"

6 inch Hex+ Pad
• Back side diameter: 6"
• Face diameter: 6.5"

❔ How to use it

1. Center pad onto backing plate of your machine
2. Apply compound or polish as directed by product
3. Spray our Polishing Pad Primer onto pad as directed
4. Work product into the surface of the vehicle
5. Clean thoroughly after each use and let air dry

❤️ Care Instructions



❤️  Always rinse and clean pads after each use

❤️  Allow pad to fully air dry

❤️  For best results, use our Hex Brush to clean your pads

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