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HEX+ Oval Pad Set

HEX+ Oval Pad Set

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This unique HEX+ Pad collection includes our yellow extreme heavy cutting pad, our blue medium polishing pad, and our white ultra finishing pad, all in an ergonomic oval shape, perfect for hand use. These pads follow the same intuitive color-coding as our 3" and 6" polishing pads, ensuring you always reach for the right level of abrasiveness for each task. Our Oval HEX+ Pads get into those hard-to-reach areas where a machine might not fit, or when you require a more controlled, hands-on approach to detailing. 

Use the yellow pad for your cutting.  Pair this with our Extreme Polish.

Use the blue pad for polishing.  Pair this with our Perfect Polish.

Use the white pad for finishing.  Pair this with our Final Polish.

Sold as a 3 pack

Why it's Awesome

Each pad in the kit is expertly designed for specific stages of the detailing process: the yellow pad for aggressive correction, the blue for moderate cleaning and polishing, and the white for achieving that perfect, glossy finish. Their oval shape provides a comfortable grip and allows for an even, consistent application of products, maximizing effectiveness while minimizing effort. The HEX+ Oval Pad Kit provides the flexibility to address various detailing challenges with confidence and precision.


• Sold as a 3 pack
• Perfect size for hand use
• Polish areas that a machine won't reach
• Uses the same color coding as our polishing pads

How to use it

1. Apply compound or polish as directed by product
2. Spray our Polishing Pad Primer onto pad as directed
3. Work product into the surface of the vehicle
4. Clean thoroughly after each use and let air dry

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