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Frame Detailer - Gloss

Frame Detailer - Gloss

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Elevate the aesthetics of your glossy bike and gear with Frame Detailer - Gloss,  a premium detail spray designed to clean and coat your equipment in one efficient step. Tailored for cyclists and bike enthusiasts who demand excellence, our gloss finish detailer ensures your bike and helmets not only look immaculately clean but also boast a deep, lustrous shine that captures the eye.

Why it's Awesome

Infused with advanced ceramic technology, Frame Detailer - Gloss Finish offers a formidable protective layer that safeguards against the elements. This cutting-edge formula does more than just enhance the surface; it forms a protective barrier that repels water, dirt, and grime, streamlining your cleaning efforts and enhancing durability. The inclusion of UV protection combats the fading and wear caused by sunlight, ensuring your glossy finishes continue to sparkle and resist environmental stresses.

Key Features of Frame Detailer - Gloss Finish:

• Deep, Lustrous Shine: Achieve a stunning, reflective shine on glossy bike frames and helmets, elevating the visual appeal of your equipment.

• Ceramic Infusion: Utilizes the latest in ceramic technology to provide a resilient coating that effectively repels water, dirt, and grime.

• UV Protection: Offers defense against the detrimental effects of UV exposure, preserving the vibrancy and integrity of your gloss finishes.

• Efficient Application: Cleans and coats simultaneously, saving you valuable time in your bike maintenance routine.

• Versatile Use: Perfect for all gloss surfaces, delivering a comprehensive solution for the care of your bike and helmet.

Frame Detailer - Gloss Finish transcends ordinary cleaning products, representing a strategic investment in the preservation and beauty of your biking equipment. Whether you're showcasing your bike, embarking on a leisurely ride, or upholding the aesthetic of your cycling gear, this detail spray ensures your glossy surfaces remain flawless and well-protected.

For enthusiasts who take pride in a pristine appearance and seek to maintain the showroom shine of their bikes, Frame Detailer - Gloss Finish is the ideal choice. Its user-friendly formula allows for quick application, ensuring your bike and helmets are always ready to impress with their brilliant gloss finish. Embrace the radiance of your glossy surfaces with Frame Detailer - Gloss Finish—the essential detail spray for achieving and maintaining unparalleled beauty and protection.


• 8oz Spray bottle
• Ceramic infused
• Suitable for all gloss finishes
• Removes light dirt and fingerprints
• Suitable for E-bikes

How to use it


1. Spray directly onto the surface

2. If the surface is dirty, wipe clean in one direction

3. After clean, spray another layer and wipe evenly over surface

4. Use a clean, premium microfiber towel to buff dry

5. Repeat as desired

* Not for use on matte finishes

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