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Drivetrain & Brake Cleaner - Powerful Component Cleanser

Drivetrain & Brake Cleaner - Powerful Component Cleanser

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For cyclists who demand nothing less than the best from their bikes, maintaining a clean and efficient drivetrain and brake system is paramount. That's where Drivetrain & Brake Cleaner steps in – a high-performance cleaner specifically formulated to tackle and dissolve the toughest grease, grime, and contaminants that can compromise your bike's performance.

Why it's Awesome

This powerful component cleanser is engineered to cut through the stubborn filth that collects on gears, chains, rotors, and brake pads, ensuring that your bike operates smoothly and efficiently. Its fast-acting formula is designed to penetrate quickly, breaking down even the most resilient dirt and grease without damaging the delicate components of your bike.

Drivetrain & Brake Cleaner is not only effective but also easy to use. Its precision spray nozzle allows for targeted application, ensuring that you can reach every nook and cranny of your bike's drivetrain and brake system without wastage. This meticulous approach to cleaning not only restores your bike's functionality but also extends the lifespan of its components, saving you time and money on future maintenance.

Why Drivetrain & Brake Cleaner is a must-have for every cyclist:

• Powerful Cleaning Action: Specifically formulated to dissolve grease, grime, and contaminants.

• Fast-Acting Formula: Penetrates quickly for efficient cleaning without harming your bike's components.

• Precision Application: The spray nozzle targets hard-to-reach areas, ensuring thorough cleaning.

• Protects Components: Not only cleans but also prolongs the life of your bike's drivetrain and brake system.

• Eco-Friendly: Safe for the environment, with a biodegradable formula.

• The 32oz concentrate refill jug can make up to 1 gallon of full strength formula or up to 3 gallons of a more mild formula.

Perfect for road warriors, mountain bikers, and casual cyclists alike, Drivetrain & Brake Cleaner ensures that your bike remains in top condition, offering optimal performance ride after ride. Whether preparing for a race, recovering from a muddy trail, or simply maintaining your bike, trust Drivetrain & Brake Cleaner to provide a deep clean that keeps your components running like new. Experience the difference with every pedal stroke.


• Two Sizes: 16oz Ready to use spray bottle or 32oz concentrate refill jug
• Fast acting heavy duty cleaning power
• Breaks down, oil, grease, grime and more
• Can be diluted for use on lightly soiled parts

1 part Drivetrain & Brake Cleaner + 3 parts water

Example mixture:
If refilling your 16oz bottle, you would use 4oz cleaner + 12oz water

How to use it


1. Spray all over drivetrain components

2. Let dwell for 60 seconds

3. Clean & agitate with a scrub brush if needed

4. Thoroughly rinse with water making sure to remove all solution and grime

5. Repeat if necessary

* Be sure to re-lube your chain after using Drivetrain & Brake Cleaner

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