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Ceramic Armor - Synthetic Ceramic Coating Spray

Ceramic Armor - Synthetic Ceramic Coating Spray

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Dial in your bike's protection and performance with Ceramic Armor, the ultimate synthetic ceramic coating spray designed specifically for cyclists who demand the best for their gear.  Ceramic Armor stands out in our lineup as the most formidable ceramic spray, thanks to its rich blend of SiO2, advanced lubricants, and gloss enhancers. This potent mix not only delivers a stunning, mirror-like shine but also fortifies your bike's surfaces against the harsh realities of the road and trail environments.

Why it's Awesome

Unlock unparalleled protection and a mesmerizing shine for your bike with Ceramic Armor, the pinnacle of our ceramic coating technology. Infused with an exceptionally high concentration of SiO2, this formula is not just another ceramic spray—it's a powerhouse of protection, lubrication, designed to elevate the care of your bike to new heights.

Ceramic Armor is more than just a protective coating; it's a commitment to keeping your bike in prime condition, ensuring that it looks as good on the road as it did the day you brought it home. Whether you're a dedicated cyclist or a casual rider, this ceramic coating spray provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing your bike is shielded against the elements and ready for whatever your next adventure brings.

Key Features of Ceramic Armor:

• Exceptional SiO2 Concentration: For the toughest, most durable protective layer in our range.

• Insane Hydrophobic Properties: Water simply beads up and rolls off, keeping your bike cleaner for longer and making maintenance a breeze.

• Comprehensive Protection: Guards against weather, UV rays, road contaminants, dust, and more, preserving your bike's appearance and integrity.

• Easy Clean-Up: A simple blast of water or a quick pass with detail spray effortlessly removes dirt, ensuring your bike remains immaculate with minimal effort.

• Simple Spray & Wipe Application: Achieve ultimate shine, protection, and water-beading in minutes, without the need for professional tools or skills.

Elevate your bike care routine with Ceramic Armor: Synthetic Ceramic Coating Spray. Embrace the ultimate in shine, protection, and hydrophobic technology, and shield your pride and joy with the best defense against the rigors of the road. Ceramic Armor is not just a product; it's an essential part of your biking experience, ensuring that your journey is as flawless and enjoyable as your bike's finish.


• 8oz Spray bottle
• Weather & UV protection
• Suitable for gloss & matte finishes
• Provides a protective layer on the surface
• Insane hydrophobic properties
• Safe to use on any surface and frame types
• Can he used on helmets

How to use it

Only apply to a dry, clean surface.


1. Spray Ceramic Armor directly onto the frame

2. Use a microfiber towel

3. Buff to a shine using a clean, high quality microfiber towel

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