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Lot Lizard - Ceramic Detailer + Conditioners + UV Blockers

Lot Lizard - Ceramic Detailer + Conditioners + UV Blockers

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#1 Selling Big Rig Product!

Infused with advanced UV blockers, Lot Lizard is engineered to shield your vehicle's surfaces from the sun's intense rays, preventing fading and degradation over time. Additionally, its specialized formula includes super efficient conditioners ensuring your rig remains pristine and radiant, no matter the journey or weather conditions it encounters.

Enriched with lubricants and gloss enhancers, Lot Lizard not only elevates your vehicle's aesthetic to a mirror-like shine but also fortifies its defense against water and contaminants. It's not merely a detailer and protectant; it's a long-term investment in your vehicle's longevity and allure.

Why it's Awesome

Lot Lizard is safe for use on all types of vehicle surfaces, including paint, chrome, and vinyl wraps. It delivers exceptional care without affecting any existing wax or ceramic coatings, so you can apply it confidently, knowing it will only enhance your vehicle's protection and appearance.

Lot Lizard goes beyond mere surface care—it enriches your vehicle with lubricants and gloss enhancers for a stunning, mirror-like finish. These ingredients don't just boost aesthetics; they add an extra layer of defense, making your vehicle more resistant to water and contaminants.

Applying Lot Lizard is effortless, yet it leaves a durable, protective barrier that endures. For the truck or RV owner who settles for nothing less than perfection, Lot Lizard is the definitive choice, ensuring your vehicle not only looks outstanding but is also shielded against the elements. Adopt Lot Lizard into your care regimen and experience a new standard in vehicle maintenance, where protection and brilliance go hand in hand.


• 32oz Spray bottle
• Foaming formula that clings to grime
• Fast acting heavy duty cleaning power
• Breaks down brake dust, oil, grime and more
• Can be diluted to clean any surface

How to use it


1. Spray directly onto the surface or onto a microfiber towel

2. Wipe surface clean

3. Buff dry using a clean microfiber towel

4. Repeat if necessary

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