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Long Haul Vision - HD Glass Cleaner + Anti Fog

Long Haul Vision - HD Glass Cleaner + Anti Fog

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Long Haul Vision is a heavy-duty glass cleaner and anti-fog solution created for the big rig and RV crowd. Long Haul Vision establishes a new benchmark in maintaining clear and unobstructed visibility, ensuring that your driving experience is safe, enjoyable, and free from the common visual challenges of the road. This premium formula not only provides a crystal-clear finish to all glass surfaces but also delivers lasting protection against fog and water, making it an essential sidekick for every journey.

Why it's Awesome

Long Haul Vision is an advanced formula designed to combat the rigors of long hauls and varied weather conditions. Its anti-fog properties are particularly valuable in fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels, helping to maintain optimal visibility in all driving conditions.

Easy to apply and requiring minimal effort for maximum results, Long Haul Vision is suitable for all glass surfaces, including mirrors, windshields, and windows. It is an ideal companion for truck drivers, RV enthusiasts, and anyone who demands the best in vehicle care, offering a clear advantage in visibility and safety.


• Two sizes: 16oz Spray bottle and 1 gallon refill jug
• Superior clarity
• Streak-free clarity
• Heavy-duty cleaning formula
• Advanced anti-fog protection

How to use it


1. Spray Long Haul Vision directly onto the surface to be cleaned

2. Use a clean microfiber towel to wipe surface clean

3. Flip the towel over to buff away any streaks for a crystal clear finish

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