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Big Wheel & Bug - Powerful Wheel Cleaner & Bug Remover

Big Wheel & Bug - Powerful Wheel Cleaner & Bug Remover

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Big Wheel & Bug is a dual-purpose cleaner that not only tackles tough brake dust and road grime on wheels but also specializes in removing stubborn bug residues. Whether you're dealing with the front bumper, grille, windshield, or any other area plagued by insect contaminants, our foaming bug remover is designed to break down and dissolve these residues with ease, leaving your vehicle spotless and well-maintained.

Why it's Awesome

Safe for all surface types, Big Wheel & Bug is the perfect companion for your cleaning routine. It's gentle enough to use on various materials, including paint, vinyl wraps, PPF, plastic, glass, and carbon fiber, ensuring that every inch of your vehicle can be cleaned without the risk of damage. The foaming action provides excellent coverage and penetration, allowing for effective cleaning with minimal effort.

To use, simply apply Big Wheel & Bug to the area to be cleaned, let the foam work its magic, and then wipe away the mess with a microfiber towel or rinse away with a power washer. The result is a clean surface that enhances the overall appearance and longevity of your vehicle.


• 2 Sizes: 32oz Spray bottle and 1 gallon refill jug
• Foaming formula that clings to grime
• Fast acting heavy duty cleaning power
• Breaks down brake dust, bugs, grime and more
• No need to dilute

How to use it


1. Rinse with a powerful stream of water to remove loose debris

2. Spray Wheel& Bug directly onto the surface to be cleaned

3. Let dwell for 30-60 seconds

4. Agitate with brush or mitt to clean

5. Repeat if necessary

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