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APC - All Purpose Cleaner

APC - All Purpose Cleaner

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APC, your ultimate All-Purpose Cleaner designed to tackle the most challenging cleaning tasks with unparalleled efficiency. Engineered as a full-strength, heavy-duty solution, our APC stands out with its perfectly balanced formula, making it your go-to cleaner for a wide range of applications. Whether it's engine bays, tires, carpets, truck beds, suspension components, or various materials like rubber, plastic, vinyl, and upholstery, APC delivers exceptional results.

Why it's Awesome

APC is formulated to penetrate deeply, breaking down and lifting dirt, oils, and light stains effortlessly from any surface. This superior cleaning action means you can achieve a thorough clean quicker and with less product, saving you time and effort. The versatility of APC allows for a seamless transition from interior to exterior vehicle cleaning with proper dilution.

Not just limited to automotive use, APC's effectiveness extends to numerous environments, making it an essential product for garages, workshops, homes, and businesses. It comes ready-to-use at full strength and can be diluted for any cleaning task, providing convenience and effectiveness straight out of the bottle.

Choose APC for a cleaning experience that combines strength, versatility, and convenience, ensuring your cleaning tasks are not just done, but done exceptionally well. With APC, embrace the power of a professional-grade clean across all your cleaning endeavors.


• Two Sizes: 16oz Spray bottle or 1 gallon refill jug
• Concentrated formula
• Fast acting heavy duty cleaning power
• Breaks down brake dust, oil, grime and more
• Can be diluted to clean any surface

How to use it


1. Rinse area to be cleaned to loosen dirt and contaminants
2. Spray APC directly onto the area to be cleaned
3. Let soak for 1-2 minutes if surface has dried on contaminants
4. Scrub with a brush or sponge if necessary
5. Rinse thoroughly with water
6. Repeat if needed

Extreme: No Diluting required
Interior: 1 part APC + 20 parts water
Exterior: 1 part MD + 10 parts water

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