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Splish Splash - High Performance Water Repellant

Splish Splash - High Performance Water Repellant

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Embrace every ride, no matter the weather, with Splish Splash, your ultimate shield against the elements. Designed specifically for cyclists who refuse to let a little rain dampen their spirits, Splish Splash offers unparalleled protection, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout your journey. This advanced water repellant is meticulously formulated to safeguard your cycling clothing, socks, shoes, bags, and more, ensuring that water simply beads up and rolls off, leaving you undisturbed and focused on the road ahead.

Why it's Awesome

Splish Splash stands out from the crowd with its high-performance formula that not only repels water but also maintains the breathability of your gear. This means you stay dry from the outside without feeling clammy from trapped moisture inside, enhancing your riding comfort in all conditions.

Key Features of Splish Splash:

• Advanced Water Repellancy: Offers superior protection, causing water to bead and roll off fabric and materials.

• Versatile Protection: Suitable for a wide range of cycling gear, including clothing, socks, shoes, and bags.

• Breathability Maintained: Protects without compromising the natural breathability of your fabrics, keeping you comfortable.

• Easy to Use: Simply apply to your gear before heading out, and enjoy effective water repellency throughout your ride.

• Durable Formula: Engineered to last, ensuring your gear remains water-resistant ride after ride.

Splish Splash is more than just a water repellent; it's a testament to innovation in cycling gear care, providing cyclists with the confidence to tackle any weather condition. Whether facing unexpected showers or heading out in known wet conditions, Splish Splash ensures that your adventure remains uninterrupted.

Ideal for avid cyclists, commuters, and weekend adventurers alike, Splish Splash is an essential addition to your cycling preparation. Its easy application and long-lasting protection mean that you're always ready to face the elements, ensuring that every ride is as enjoyable as it is dry.

With Splish Splash, you're not just preparing for the rain; you're embracing the freedom to cycle whenever and wherever you choose, without the weather dictating your plans. Gear up with Splish Splash and make every journey a dry, comfortable, and exhilarating experience.


• 16oz Spray bottle
• Effective water repellant protection
• Strong durable weather blockers
• Works on vinyl, fabric, canvas and synthetic materials
• Can be reapplied as often as you'd like

How to use it


1. Thoroughly clean shoes or clothing and let them completely dry

2. Apply a light, even coat over the entire item - take care to avoid overspray

3. Let dry for 60 minutes

4. Apply a 2nd heavier coat. Let dry overnight before use

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