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Boar's Hair Premium Detailing Brush Set

Boar's Hair Premium Detailing Brush Set

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Premium Detailing Brush Set 

Tailored for both interior and exterior applications, the our Premium Detailing Brushes are crafted from top-grade materials, ensuring resilience against a range of challenges. Set within a robust plastic ferrule, the bristles strike the perfect balance between sturdiness and softness, making them suitable for every surface. From the tightest crevices of your dashboard to the broader surfaces of your wheels, these brushes deliver precision cleaning and detailing. Their ergonomic design ensures comfortable use, allowing you to detail for longer periods without fatigue.

Pair with any of our cleaners & degreasers for epic results.

Why it's Awesome

Each brush in this premium set is crafted from top-grade boar's hair, renowned for its natural softness yet exceptional durability. The bristles are set within a robust plastic ferrule, ensuring that each stroke is gentle enough to prevent scratching yet strong enough to effectively remove dirt and grime.

Our brush set is suitable for a wide range of applications. Use them to dust air vents, clean intricate badges, detail engine components, or rejuvenate leather upholstery. Their versatility extends beyond automotive care, making them an invaluable addition to any cleaning toolkit.


• 5 size brushes in a set
• Premium boar hair bristles
• Super delicate and gentle on surfaces
• Hang hole handle design
• Works great for detailing vents, cupholders, lug nuts, grills and other small areas


How to use it

1. Spray surface with your favorite cleaner
2. Spray cleaner into the brush to lightly dampen the bristles
3. Agitate area to loosen dirt & grime
4. Wipe clean using a microfiber towel or rinse with water

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