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Fuck Around and Find Out - COMBO (LIMITED EDITION)

Fuck Around and Find Out - COMBO (LIMITED EDITION)

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🔥 Why it's Awesome


x1 Waterless Wash + Ceramic Detail Spray

x1 Hybrid Towel (16" x 24")


Wash and detail your vehicle without a single drop of water!

Our Limited Edition Waterless Wash Detail Spray is a car wash in a bottle.  It comes ready to use and requires no water to get the job done.  Spray it directly onto your vehicle and you'll immediately see it start working.  With added lubricants and gloss enhancers, you'll be able to safely clean your car leaving behind a radiant shine.  No one will know that you didn't use a foam cannon.

If the surface is dirty, wipe the mess up in a single direction - not in a circular motion.

If using as a detailer, spray the surface and wipe off as you would with any detail spray.

🧼 Features

🧼 16oz Spray bottle
🧼 Smells insanely Great
🧼 Safe on all surfaces
🧼 Does not leave residue
🧼 Clean without a water source
🧼 Added lubricants and gloss enhancers
🧼 x1 Hybrid Towel INCLUDED

❔ How to use it

1. Spray directly onto the surface
2. Wipe up mess using a clean, premium microfiber towel
3. Use another clean microfiber towel to buff dry
4. Repeat if necessary

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Don't forget your towels!

Our premium microfiber towels will leave you wondering how you've went so long without them! Once you go Tuff, you'll realize that you've had enough with the junk!

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The Go Bag - Detailing Bag-Tuff Industries

The Go Bag

Our Go Bag helps you maintain organization with seven (7) adjustable interior dividers, three (3) interior zipper pockets in the lid and two (2) interior side pockets. The exterior of The Go Bag has 3 large zipper pockets and comes equipped with a heavy duty removable adjustable shoulder strap.

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